Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

This effortless utility makes it Quick and easy to get media from the web source.You can use this utility to download flash videos from sites with a single click.

Easy to use:

It may be frustrating to get video content material from the web, especially when you have a bad connection. Flash Video Downloader from Baygenie is straightforward to use, however it’s no longer perfect.

Clean UI:Flash Video Downloader 

Once you down load and launch this program, you’ll be able to download more than one FLV videos from a variety of web sites at one time. The interface is minimalist and simple to navigate. You open the video from the built-in browser, then you’ll click the large ‘Download’ button at the toolbar.

Lack of configuration features:

While it’s clean to paintings with though there are a lack of configuration options. This makes usability simple, however it could trouble individuals who are searching out software that lets in for extra control.

The lack of configuration options also impacts the supported sites. You can view all of the objects on the Video Website list, and you’re no longer capable to remove or reorder any URLs. Since you can’t modify documents of sites, there may be an added clutter when you’re seeking out a selected video.


Flash Video Downloader from Baygenie has a few troubles in relation to downloading from it’s indexed sites. The problems arise whilst you’re seeking to download from inside the program since you can’t use any down load accelerators simultaneously. For this reason, a few customers could find that speeds are too slow. You’re also no longer capable of pause downloads or seize URLs.

Simple, but limited:

Flash Video Downloader allows you to grab FLV videos. The interface is smooth and easy to navigate. While it supports multiple downloads, there are some issues that are hard to ignore. Speeds are subpar, and configurations are limited.

Flash Video Downloader

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