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An image viewer app:

HoneyView, is a easy piece of software for viewing compressed image codecs. It covers all the bases with lots of formats supported, bendy viewing, a skinnable interface; all that in a free to use bundle.


HoneyView is a quick image viewer for Windows devices. Right off the bat, if you want similar functionalities on your mobile, try Perfect Viewer for Android, for example.

If Windows use suits you, you can choose among many tools, such as JPEGView, but not many are as well-designed and quick as HoneyView.

The UI is crisp and easy to grasp. Initially, it was designed for mouse use, but it’s possible to add hotkeys for most of the functions to make it even simpler.

Apart from the basic functions, such as scrolling forward and back, you may use the navigational tools to rotate images, zoom in and out, or jump to another part of your collection.

Moreover, you can choose whether the UI shows you EXIF information – make and model of the camera used for the photo and the like.

Additional controls allow you to change the viewing mode to make images fit your screen, run a slideshow, bookmark individual pictures, and add effects.

HoneyView also features tools for entry-level editing. There are functions for stretching or rotating your images, as well as changing the lighting on them.

The list of supported image formats is quite long, including JPG, PNG, GIF, as well as more obscure ones such as WEBP and PSD. You can use it for viewing compressed formats such as ZIP and RAR, too.

As such, this tool is excellent for anyone looking to review large photo libraries. It also stands as a competitor to utilities like MComix for comic books and manga.

Extremely helpful:

With its user-pleasant interface, big selection of formats, effects, and several feasible applications, HoneyView seems to tick all the boxes. It is the right solution for comic and manga lovers, but it could be a handy device on anyone’s belt. It’s a disgrace that it’s a Windows-simplest device.

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